Terms and Conditions

The following applies to all shipments entrusted to XDel Singapore Pte Ltd for the purpose of delivery.

Important Note

You agree that XDel Singapore Pte Ltd's Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply to all delivery transactions unless varied in writing by you and that no other form of contract shall be valid. A summary of these Standard Terms and Conditions is found below but the full set will take precedence over the summary at all times (a copy of the full Standard Terms and Conditions is available on request).

XDel Singapore Pte Ltd is not a common carrier and will accept no liability as such. The choice of the means, the route ends and the method of Carriage will be at the sole discretion of XDel Singapore Pte Ltd. These terms and conditions are the only contract between the Carrier and the Sender.

Terms and conditions are accepted once Goods are handed to the Carrier for delivery. Our terms and conditions are to protect the Carrier; no such party has authority to waive or vary these terms and conditions, or to make any promise on behalf of XDel Singapore Pte Ltd.

The Client undertakes to contract with the Carrier only on the above basis.

  1. Definitions
    In these terms and conditions, the definitions of the following are

    "The Carrier" 

    means XDel Singapore Pte Ltd carrying on business in its own name and under any business name, including its contracted officers, servants, agents and sub-contractors.

    "The Carriage" 

    means and includes the whole of the operations and services undertaken by XDel Singapore Pte Ltd in connection with the Goods.

    "The Client" 

    means and includes the Sender, consignor, consignee, holder of the consignment note, receiver and owner of the Goods, or any other party having a legal interest in the Goods.

    "The Sender" 

    means the person or company ordering the Carriage.


    means goods in bulk or contained in one parcel or package or in any number of separate parcels or packages, in all cases sent at one time in one load from one address to one address. It includes any physical goods with their accompanied documents that are transported under one consignment note, which are accepted by XDel Singapore Pte Ltd for carriage.

  2. Unacceptable Consignment
    Goods that are deemed illegal and goods that the Carrier deems as unable to be transported safely or legally shall be held for the Client's collection, and at the Client's risk. An administrative fee of $10.00 shall be imposed as well as the storage rates as determined from time to time by the directors of the Carrier.

  3. Right of Inspection
    The Carrier reserves the right to open and inspect any package tendered to it for transportation, at any time, unless prohibited by applicable local law.

  4. Transport Collect
    In cases of Transport collect, the sender is deemed to be liable for payment unless specific instructions were given otherwise.

  5. Liability of the Carrier
    The carrier shall make every reasonable effort to deliver the Consignment according to its normal delivery schedules but these are not guaranteed and do not form part of this contract. No liability will be accepted in this respect. In respect of any one delivery for any loss or damage however occasioned, the Carrier's liability is limited to the lowest of the following three amounts:

    1. S$100.00 or

    2. The actual amount of any loss or damage suffered by the sender, or

    3. The actual value of the consignment that does not include any special or commercial value to the Client.

    The "actual value" herein means the lower of the following amounts, determined as at the time and places the Carrier accepted the Consignment:


    - the original cost of the Goods or the cost of repairing the Goods whichever is lower.


    - only the paper of the documents will be considered.

    The Client hereby acknowledges both the reasonableness of Clauses 5 & 7 and the fact that without these clauses, the rates charged by the Carrier would be significantly higher.

  6. Circumstances Beyond Our Control
    The Carrier shall not be liable if the Consignment is lost, or damaged due to the following circumstances that are beyond the control of the Carrier:

    1. An act of God, for example earthquake, cyclone, storm or flood;

    2. "Force majeure", for example war, civil commotion, invasion, hostilities, riots and other like occurrences;

    3. Any act of omission of the Sender or the owner or owners of the goods comprised in a Consignment (or part thereof), including their respective servants or agents and anything done by the Carrier at the express request or direction of them;

    4. Electrical, magnetic, injury, erasure, x-ray or other similar damage to electronic or photographic images or recoding in any form.

    A Certificate signed by a director of the Carrier shall be conclusive evidence of the occurrence of any of the above events.

  7. Consequential Damages
    The Carrier shall in no circumstances be liable for the following, whether they arise in contract or any other form of civil action, including negligence:

    1. Consequential or special damages or loss,

    2. Other indirect loss,

    3. Breach of other contracts.

    Consequential damages or loss include, but are not limited to lost income, profits, interest, markets, and use of contents.

  8. Insurance Coverage
    The Client undertakes to take out insurance for all direct as well as consequential loss or damage caused by transportation delays. Clients are to contact the Carrier for insurance arrangement. If not, the Clients will assume all risks and damages.

  9. Time Limit for Claims
    The Carrier shall not be liable for any loss, damage or other liability of whatsoever nature unless:

    1. The Sender notifies the Carrier's Head Office in writing of an impending claim within seven days after commencement of transit and

    2. The Carrier receives a completed claim form from the Sender within fourteen days after commencement of transit.

    No claim shall be entertained by the Carrier nor shall any liability attach to it unless all payments due to the Carrier from the Sender in respect of the delivery of the Consignment have been fully made.