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XDelOnline enables the user to arrange and manage all their deliveries online.

To request for an online account, kindly email to us at customer_svc@xdel.com

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XDelOnline offers a one-stop centre for you to activate delivery jobs, request for supplies, manage your deliveries and view your past transactions.


With XDelOnline , everything you need is at your fingertips (and your browser). No longer will you need to call our hotline and wait for the next available customer service officer to attend to you.
You can do everything at your own pace, and in the comfort of your favorite browser!


XDelOnline is available to all customers, and is accessible anywhere in the world 24/7.

How You Can Use XDelOnline

Book a delivery job, check the status of a delivery, view a digital copy of your consignment note or delivery order, peruse your past transactions, scrutinise your past invoices, schedule recurring delivery jobs, view the digital proof-of-delivery and so much more!